Thoughts on the Indian Insurance Industry

“A strong growth pattern can be implemented and sustained by onboarding 3rd party data enrichment on consumer behaviour and market trends.” - Rahoul (CEO, MMS.IND)

Rahoul's article on data-driven growth opportunities in the Indian Insurance Industry was published in the Aureus Insights Yearbook, which features insightful views from industry visionaries and thought leaders from across the insurance value chain. 

MArTechBrain Talk on Market Intelligence

In this episode, Rajesh Jain (Netcore) speaks to Rahoul (CEO, MMS.IND), about Market Intelligence. "It has been an honour to discuss with Rajesh this topic and the importance for consumer data driven solutions in marketing and sales" - Rahoul, 30th October 2020

Improving supply delivery How mapping innovations are helping improve the delivery of vital supplies in the COVID-19 pandemic

"Geomarketeer provides companies with fine-grained purchasing and supply insights. Individual neighbourhood blocks can be mapped and their spending patterns examined using a variety of filters such as consumer income, product purchase and lifestyle affinity. Superimposed with CV-19 data and an organisation’s distribution network, future challenges can be manoeuvred – for example, how to adapt supply chains, where goods of the right type and quantity are needed and which hotspots are likely to emerge." Rahoul (CEO, MMS.IND).


Barclays Bank Fintech Innovation Centre RISE Mumbai featured us on the topic Covid-19 Data and Tool solutions supporting the industries in Supply Chain Optimisation and consumer demand forecasting.


ACCENTURE: Best Data Company India 2019

Lsi Micro Marketing Services India, MMS.IND awarded best Data Company India 2019, Market Research India, Consumer Data India, Micro market Segmentation India

MMS.IND has been recognised for the work we do and solutions provided for consumer data and market analytics and was nominated Winner by Accenture Ventures ‘Applied Intelligence’ Challenge 2019. 


The judges selected the following winners based on innovative edge, business value and scalability: MMS.IND, which delivers geolocation-based intelligence using micro market focused data and analytics functionalities, delivered as a service.


RETAIL ASSOCIATION INDIA: Retech Innovation Prize 2017

Lsi Micro Marketing Services India, MMS.IND awarded for Geomarketeer, best market data tool India, best market data and analytics platform India

Geomarketeer delivers geo-location based intelligence, using micro-market focused data and analytics functionalities on Software as a Service (Saas) platform. Geomarketeer allows organisations of any size to quickly get started with market research and data backed insights. 


Founded by Dhruva Rajan & Rahoul Anders. Awarded 2017 by RAI (Retail Association India) with the Innovation ReTech Prize India